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This trip is being offered by Jaya Hartlein and Feroz Hakroo.

Jaya has been leading trips to India since 1997. Having practiced Buddhism for nearly 30 years she is able to give introductions and explanations for the iconography that we will encounter as well as instruction in meditation for those who would like to try it out. She will be able to create a bridge for Western participants, especially help people become more at ease in the different ways of indian culture and customs. Also she will act as translator where needed for the German-speaking participants.

Feroz is from Kashmir and is very familiar with the land and people. He speaks good English, as well as the local languages, is very friendly and helpful, and his main concern is that all participants have a brilliant trip! He lives in Dharamsala and has been organising tours in the Himalayas for many years.

Both tour leaders will try and help in all possible practical ways to enable participants to have a wonderful journey.

For many more photos from previous trips see: and also the flickr photos (see below)

For enquiries and bookings: please contact Jaya on

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